Workshop for teachers at Campus Party

I will give a workshop for public school teachers about Blogs during Campus Party, from 12th to 16th February. Campus Party is on its 30th edition in Spain and it will have its first edition in São Paulo. Over 2,500 geeks will camp during a week in a building, famous for the international art exhibition that takes place there every two years: Bienal of São Paulo, in the middle of the Ibirapuera Park.

Blog heavy metal

I read this morning in the Campus Party Blog an advice to invite a friend to share your tent. I don plan to do it. I will come back home every day, I believe… There will be areas for astronomy, robotics, modding, games, music, programming, blogs, open source, a great variety of geek stuff.

It seems fun to be in this building, projected by Oscar Niemeyer, where there will so many persons camping, to find out how technology and education can work together. How teachers can use blogs as a tool in their classes. Not only blogs, but also photo blogs, video blogs, podcasts and social media. We will see how public schools can take the best from their computer labs.

I will work in this workshops with good friends: Luciana Terceiro, Juliano Spyer and Lúcia Freitas. They all know a lot about the subject.

I found some fantastic videos to start up our conversation with the teachers. I believe you have already seen this one in particular, Medieval Help Desk, but I love it. For me it exemplifies perfectly the way we react to new technologies.

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  1. Hi!
    I loved the idea! By the way, this is my area in my master course. I’m working with technology in English class/social medias. I’d love to go there but I don’t know if it’s gonna be possible =(
    Anyway… I’d like to receive any materials you may have through e-mail. Could I?


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